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Ugly Pirate is a concept for an iPhone game that I worked on this past summer. The idea came around when a friend of mine created a basic cannon-shooting game for programming practice. He liked the mechanics of this program a lot, and wanted to flesh it out more. After some discussion, it was decided that I would create a back story and art style for the game while he would continue to refine the gameplay. I spent a lot of time designing an art style and narrative that would play into this simple cannon prototype, and came up with The Ugly Pirate. The game is intended to be lighthearted, goofy, and aimed at a young target audience — so don’t be surprised that the story is a little “out there”.

The narrative revolves around a pirate who is shunned by his shipmates due to his unfortunate appearance. However, he is a good shot with a cannon, so they keep him around. One day a storm approaches, and the ship is taken away by a massive cyclone. When the Ugly Pirate regains consciousness, he finds himself surrounded by strange creatures on a mysterious land. He soon discovers that he is on a far away planet and must make his way home. He travels across planets, hopping between them with the aid of native aliens. When the Ugly Pirate arrives at the last planet, he is greeted by aliens that look just like him. It is at this moment that he realizes he is actually not human, but part of this alien race! He was brought to earth by a similar storm, and has now made his way back home where he belongs.

The art style follows along with the whimsical nature of the storyline, and comes together in a way that I am very proud of. Progress on the development of the game has stalled due to demands from school and work, but is still slowly moving forwards.

ugly pirate teaser3