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Soccer for Americans

A Beginner’s Guide

Professional soccer is gaining popularity in America, but has a huge barrier to entry for newcomers. I designed and developed Soccer for Americans to educate newcomers on the basics of the soccer season. The site is based on principles of simplicity to help make the learning process as fast and easy as possible.


The hardest part of this project was creating a visual style that felt appropriate given the content. I designed the imagery with minimalism in mind, in order to be in line with the site’s clear and concise content. However, achieving this style with the character illustrations proved to be difficult. I had to strike a fine balance between low and high detail models to achieve a look that felt simple, yet accurately represented the likeness of the players. I spent a lot of time researching caricatures and incorporated that style into the final visuals.



The guide is focused on ease of use, and does so through a clean interface and simple content

Responsive Layout

Reads well on all devices, making it easy to pull up as a reference at any time.

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