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FIFA Expert


FIFA Expert publishes content to help people improve their skills at the EA Sports FIFA series. Their industry leading expertise has led them to be one of the most successful FIFA-related content creators on the internet, with over 7 million website views and thousands of annual guide sales. However, their inconsistent visual identity turned away many potential consumers due to a perceived lack of professionalism. I worked with FIFA Expert to design a new brand image which has helped to significantly improve their business.


The biggest problem with the old brand image was the inconsistencies across the website, guides and social media channels. The new FIFA Expert was designed from the ground up in order to maintain a cohesive visual style. Based on in-depth research into the brand and it’s core values, I established a style guide that truly embodied FIFA Expert. The revised color palette, font choices and choice of imagery have definitely helped create a more polished and professional appearance.

The Result

FIFA Expert’s branding is now consistently and professionally represented throughout all of their media. This has led to significant increases in the company’s sales and online exposure since the initial rebranding movement.


increase in guide sales


increase in website views