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Risk Management


Oracle Prime’s Risk Management feature is a comprehensive solution for capturing risk and uncertainty in project scheduling. I started as the UX lead just a few months after the team’s first pass at implementation, and worked from the ground up to streamline the app’s hierarchy and layouts. The new structure more closely matches the risk management process, and offers a vastly improved experience.


There were a few problem areas that needed to be addressed immediately. The biggest of these was Risk Management’s quantitative analysis. The analysis was spread out across several pages, which meant that running an analysis and viewing the results required far more time than should have been necessary. I streamlined this by designing a central hub that incorporated all necessary components into a single, comprehensive page.

Usability testing sessions helped to dramatically our navigation paradigm. Getting feedback from key users proved vital in creating an improved overall structure for Risk Management.

Another big challenge was ensuring that Risk Management was compatible with other features in Prime. Users made it clear that it is not only frustrating to jump back and forth between pages, but between features as well. Incorporating context-based detail windows and data-aware modals made sure that users would no longer have to leave their current view to access relevant information.

The Result

These changes are being pushed as part of Prime’s upcoming 17.1 release and can be expected by early 2017.