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I paired up with FIFA Expert again to design new guide covers for FIFA 17. The company’s significant growth led this year’s content to be broken out into three different guides. This left me with the challenge of designing covers that stood out on their own, while feeling part of the same family.


I accomplished a sense of consistency by assigning a unique player or manager to each guide and using their team’s color scheme as the accent color for the theme. Each guide now has a distinguished look while fitting in with the others.



Some unused design ideas


My original plan was to follow last year’s rebranding, so I began with the same fonts and general layout as the FIFA 16 Guides. However, the FIFA Expert team expressed a desire for more bold and vibrant designs, so I took things in a different direction. The new simplified layout placed a lot of importance on the central imagery, so the biggest challenge was finding the right photos to use.


The new guides are a slightly abstract interpretation of FIFA Expert’s standard visual identity, but successfully utilize the brand’s core principles of minimalism and clean white space in a bold new way.