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Fans of the Career Mode in EA Sports’ FIFA are a demographic who enjoy micromanagement and complete control of statistics related to the game. Unfortunately, FIFA doesn’t provide an adequate way to let players keep track of stats over time. As a solution, I built a web application that allows FIFA players to input and track their FIFA Career Mode data with an easy to use interface.


A lot of upfront research was done to kickstart the project. User interviews, competitive research, and collaborative brainstorming sessions led to the most effective layout for the application.

Rapid prototyping and a flexible design strategy were crucial to the success of this project. Continuous iteration helped solve both general flow and usability issues, as well as more complex design patterns.

The most difficult part of this project was making complex data concepts feel easy to the user. Organizing information into “snapshots” was an effective solution that took a ton of active user involvement to develop.

Capturing the unique aspects of each individual career mode was another difficult design challenge. Variables such as competitions, player rosters, and team color schemes needed to be accounted for to create an effective experience. I designed flexible layouts and data structures to deal with this problem.

The Result