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I’ve been setting aside time every day over these past few weeks to sketch soccer players. The focus has been on keeping things quick (20 minutes or less) with a focus on capturing the essence of each player. I have gotten notably faster every day since I started. My first few passes were far more tentative, worrying about the exact placement of lines and such, and took the full 20. By the last few, however, I felt much more confident and took roughly ten. It just goes to show how quickly you can start to improve if you make sure to have specific goals to hit!

Here are a few of my favorites:

(The contrast was blown out to display better on Instagram, so the pencil looks more like pen)  

IMG_20150616_163533 IMG_20150615_163147IMG_20150611_164623 IMG_20150619_162708 IMG_20150618_162445IMG_20150707_155751IMG_20150715_160503